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Honda/Acura - From the

Though practically every other manufacturer is taking a run at them, Hondas remain the most popular vehicles with the younger portion of the aftermarket. At SEMA this year Honda and Acura pressed their advantage by re-launching their Factory Performance packages of components for Acuras as "A-SPEC," rolling out some twisted versions of the Honda Element and Acura TSX, and displaying some representative vehicles from various tuners and racers.

While A-SPEC includes the conglomeration of bits introduced last year under the FP brand for the RSX Type-S, it also brings with it a new kit for the 2004 TL. The kit's new springs and revised shocks lower the TL by an inch and are tuned to work with specific 18x8.5-inch alloy wheels wearing Yokohama tires. A decklid spoiler and lower body components painted to match factory colors, and a whole passel of soon-to-be-prestigious A-SPEC badges complete the visuals. The TL A-SPEC stuff goes on sale this month only as a complete kit that must be installed by an Acura dealer. The price is expected to orbit somewhere near $5000.

The A-SPEC package for the slightly smaller TSX sedan isn¡¯t ready yet, but the TSX A-SPEC Concept -- through sheer dint of its name if nothing else -- shows they're working on one. The Concept's body kit, 18-inch wheels, and slightly modified suspension all seem destined for production. The prototype Recaro front seats and Brembo front brakes are probably long shots.

The Honda Element Concept doesn't seem destined to do much more than look pretty at SEMA. Wearing 21-inch wheels, a lot of custom body pieces and powered by a 200-horsepower version of the 2.4-liter VTEC four, it's at least one direction in which the Element can be modified. That leaves a lot of other directions unexplored.
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