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TORONTO, April 1 /CNW/ - Honda Canada Inc. today reported combined sales
of 13,233 units by its Honda and Acura divisions for March. Sales for the
Honda Division were 11,553 units. Acura reported sales of 1,680 units.
"Recently we have seen a slight slowdown in the Canadian market due, in
part, to global uncertainties and economic concerns," said Kalim Ansari,
Executive Vice President, Honda Canada Inc. "However, we are confident that
the market will gain increased sales momentum in the coming months."
Sales of the all-new Accord remain strong and will be aided by the new
Accord Coupe EX V6 with 6-speed manual transmission going on sale the
beginning of this month. The recently launched Honda Element has been selling
very well with dealers now in a backorder situation. Acura dealers begin
selling their all-new 2004 Acura TSX sports sedan on April 7. "With a number
of new Honda and Acura products now coming to the market, we are well
positioned to meet customers' needs," said Ansari.
Honda of Canada Manufacturing produced 35,717 units in March, an increase
of 17.2 percent. "The demand remains strong in North America for the Odyssey
minivan, and the Honda Pilot and Acura MDX sports utility vehicles which are
produced in Alliston, Ontario," said Ansari. The plant currently is operating
to a capacity of 390,000 units.


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(416) 287-4708;
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