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Honda Reveals Safety Advances

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Concerned about safety issues that could impact demand for its predominantly smaller vehicles, Honda has introduced the world's first "collision mitigation brake system" in Japan. Honda Motor's senior chief engineer in research and development, Tomiji Sugimoto, made the disclosure at the Traverse City Management Briefing Seminar session Thursday, adding another announcement on incorporation of pedestrian-protective body design on seven U.S. models.

Sugimoto said the new brake system detects possible rear-end collisions and assists brake operation to minimize any impact on occupants. Body design features, designed to cushion injuries to pedestrians, were implemented in Japan in 1998, Sugimoto said. The bodies of the following U.S. models now have this protective feature - Acura TSX and RSX, Honda Civic, Pilot, Element, CR-V and Accord.

"We are committed to advancing safety," said the veteran Honda engineer, "without simply increasing mass."-Mac Gordon
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