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Honda’s mid-term strategic plan, dubbed “Creation of New Joys,” focuses on strengthening the auto maker’s global stance, starting with the next fiscal year.

Honda Motor Co. Ltd. declares its next growth targets with the announcement of its “Creation of New Joys” midterm plan.

The plan, which kicks off at the start of the next fiscal year in April 2005, is designed to “highlight Honda’s originality,” the auto maker says.

Its four “core points” are:

* Strengthening research and development’s abilities to create new and unique technologies.

* Creating dynamic manufacturing operations with an emphasis on quality.

* Strengthening sales and service with the goal of stability and lifetime customer satisfaction.

* Strengthening the functions of Honda’s Japan headquarters in its role supporting the growth of global operations.

In North America, the plan calls for the launch of key new products, including the Odyssey minivan this fall, the Honda sport/utility truck, due out in spring 2005 and a forthcoming Acura small SUV.

It also aims to strengthen Honda’s passenger-car positioning in North America, through the launch of the next-generation RL and an all-new entry-level small car, expected to be based on the global Fit platform, due for a 2006 launch.

Other targets for North America include increasing manufacturing flexibility and continuing the pursuit of better fuel efficiency – through the launch of a hybrid Accord – and a variable-cylinder management system slated for the next-generation Odyssey.
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