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Yes it's worth it. You can just do it yourself and send your parts to hondata. You just have to pay a dealer though. I went through a shop in Kirkland called Carb. Connections.

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not sure your location but in portland i took mine to horsepower freaks and they sent it in and then it went back to them.. i paid for the fast shipping so it was done in 3 days
Yeah im in portland, that would be the best route to go, but im buying a ecu, immobiliser and key tonight with the flash pro already on there.

I will be getting rid of my flashed ecu so I can install 07-08 ecu for Flashpro. Im me if you are interested!
If my deal doesn't go down tonight, ill let you know! Thank you!

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At first i was very confused as well, but it's very easy.

You will need to send them 5 items: KEY, ECU, IMMOBILIZER, SIGNED WAVER, AND PROOF OF PURCHASE ( of the reflash - print your paypal invoice)

STEPS to get a REFLASH for 04-06 TSX:

1: Remove your ECU & immobilizer
(for instructions how to remove it visit TSX ECU removal )

2. Go to Club Hondata Reflash: 04-06 Acura TSX (Manual & Automatic)
(or other dealer of your choice)

3. Place a order threw them. (or anyone else of your choice)

4. You will receive a email which gives you instructions to what you need to send and where to mail it to.

5. Go to any mail provider of your choice, and ship it out next day service. (make sure you get a tracking number and insurance on it)

6. Wait 4 days to get your stuff back ( usually 4 days may take 5 )

7. Reinstall your ecu and immobilizer

8. have fun and hit vtec :D

Here's a picture of mine

And here is the video .. Please excuse the music lol

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