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Hondata reflash

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Hello guys. i have a 2004 6MT tsx. I was wondering what and where is the best way to get a hondata reflash done. Is it worth it? Any info is really appreciated.
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not sure your location but in portland i took mine to horsepower freaks and they sent it in and then it went back to them.. i paid for the fast shipping so it was done in 3 days
Yeah im in portland, that would be the best route to go, but im buying a ecu, immobiliser and key tonight with the flash pro already on there.

I will be getting rid of my flashed ecu so I can install 07-08 ecu for Flashpro. Im me if you are interested!
If my deal doesn't go down tonight, ill let you know! Thank you!
Well i finally installed the flashed ECU. Its awesome! Next up is a header...anyone got any ideas? Or good places to get a sweet deal on one..
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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