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Hondata reflashed 6 MT ECU with immobilizer and key

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*SOLD*Took this off my car to return to stock. Reflashed with hondata. Biggest bang for the buck mod. Comes with immobilizer and key. You can take this key apart and swap chips, and viola! No down time. PM me or email [email protected] if interested. Price is 500 shipped.*SOLD*
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Man I would swoop this up but have issue with money. Payment plans what?!??
Well im flexible on the price, i have no idea what kind of a payment plan.. since its just a part..
how much horsepower does this add?
ditto...what does the reflash enhance for the car. been torn on this or the flashpro. im not going crazy on this build, just a nice intake and axleback with removed resonators. i would like a lower vtec but i was told its tricky to play with.
Personally, i felt this mod was greater than CAI and Headers, it just really brought out the power. This video is about a CT icebox, on a civic with a swap, but they make some really good points about how much ECU tuning adds.
$300.00 shipped?
That's a good deal since the reflash costs a little more the 300 plus shipping and downtime.
If I can sell my navi system already.....
Wait a minute, I just took a look at my key, how would you swap out the chips?
What i did, was cut the one with the chip open, took the chip, went to a local locksmith, had them cut a key with a plastic case, put in the chip and viola! It ran me about $7 to do:)
ill trade u for a pioneer avic n5 complete..or just wait until i sale it this week .. broke here just came back from vacation
1 - 20 of 27 Posts
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