Hello Everyone,

Recently, myself and my 2006 6MT experienced a low speed head-on collision with a new CR-V in a gas station parking lot.

Fortunately - nobody in either party was injured, and there wasn't any additional property damage aside from the vehicles.

Now I need to rebuild the front end of my car - and I am trying to source as many individual parts/components as possible, instead of buying a entire donor car.

After clearing away the debris from the headlights, it looks like the frame rails are untouched, so it should be a relatively easy repair - most difficult part will be matching the paint at a later date, for now I just want to reassemble it.

If anyone has any of the components listed in the title that they would be willing to part with, I would be happy to pay a reasonable price/cover shipping/or pick it up if located in the New England/Tri-state area.

There may be some additional brackets or fasteners required that I'm not yet aware of as well, so that knowledge alone would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.