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houston,tx roll call

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i wanted to see if i could maybe see how many tsxers that go on forums from houston are

06 carbon grey hehehehe with navi im in sugar land to be specific

i went from rsx to tsx
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Inside loop for me =)
hey im down with that!
Hopefully i have my rims and replaced my messy rear camber. x.x

over at the pearland area now, currently just moved :ben:
I've read great reviews on Executive Motorsports (Executive Motorsports - Car Tint $75 (713)977-1111). There's a location right off of I-10 on Gessner Rd, which should work for you. I'm planning on stopping in sometime to get some info and a quote.

BTW: do you know what kind of tint you'd want?
OMG!! if only ive heard about this place before I went through with it. x.x
I think Ill go this summer when I get my suspensions done.
This time I know what to do, 35% front; 10% rear windows =D
05 TSX here!! North Houston area, Team5Star member!! I have an auto but a few mods!! :) I'm down for a meet!! LMK It's nice to see that there are so many local TSX members, I started to feel like most of the people on here were from cali
I never saw your car from any PZ meet o.o, but i rmr eyeing one on a pic from the IR2010. I think it was on a corner inside parking lot. was that you?
You know adam rath (Team Ikon/PWP TSX)?
lol ur right about main people from this forum bein in cali or canada mainly lol But yea also myself as well. Im down for a meet...AFTER I get my coils installed this month.
The acura zine people makes alot of acura car meets, ya noe?
Still waiting to install my coils. But definitely up for one. AZ always makes a meet with the acura's ones a month, been meaning to join but no time.
Anyone has a 1st gen tsx that works at Dupont on Almeda near almeda genoa??
Has a blue tsx
1 - 6 of 104 Posts
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