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houston,tx roll call

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i wanted to see if i could maybe see how many tsxers that go on forums from houston are

06 carbon grey hehehehe with navi im in sugar land to be specific

i went from rsx to tsx
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i mean first weekend of october sorry lost my train of thoughts haha
well there is going to be a major rsx meet statewide meet and i have talked to them about lettin some tsxs come and they were plannin on making it a rsx and kseries meet if any one is down it will most likely happen in the first week of december i will keep everyone posted if they want
A-zine meet for TEXAS ACURA's in January!!!

it's in Austin...

i know i can count on some TSX'ers to show up with me! :fro:

Tinseltown 290 Parking lot

12920 Northwest Fwy Houston, TX 77040

map it if you want

NW side of Houston, off 290 and Bingle/Hollister Rd.

HUGE parking lot for us! Let's get as many TSX, TL's, CL's, RL's, RSX, Legends, etc. there!!

6-8pm ; dinner around 8 ; cruising past 9


and then those who want to do the Austin ********* cruise on Jan 13th can discuss arrangements at this meet also
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Just got home with my 06 TSX w/ Navi and wow, oh yeah i'm in Houston too....
hey i was thinking of getting a meet together somewhere in houston area maybe galleria area so it can be center of town for just about everyone whos down for this?
any TSX meets this coming weekend 12.16.2006..let me know or pm me..thanks, im coming down from Austin and wanan come out for the meet..
raheel616 i believe i just saw you this past weekend driving off of dulles and hwy 6. i was at the light waiting to go and i saw a 06 CGP. any roll call coming up again?
I moved here late for the roll call, but now I am here. My ride: 2005 6MT w/Nav, SSM+Ebony. Mods: 35%/35%/30% Tint, K&N filter, and Hondata Reflash.

If you are around 59, 610, and 290, you just may see me dicing traffic.
2007 PWP/Ebony 6MT+Navi here
I'm rolling around with the Euro-R kit and grill sporting the H =P and 15% FormulaOne Pinnacle tint all around

Located around the Willowbrook area. 249,BW8, and 1960
not acura so i'll make mine look special hehe:

05' honda inspire
bored TB(65mm)
TSX IntakeManifold(port-matched)
Custom 2.25" exhaust(oem muffler)
home made intake(removed resonator and k&n drop in panel filter)
sugar land tx

in a month or so:
rsx-s crank pulley
either dc sport header or number1(cheapo one off ebay that i wanna test)
eibach pro-kit
07' tl type s rims
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HTown here!! Just got Silver 2007 two days ago!! loves it!
hmm any body goig to the falken drift showoff??
raheel616 said:
hmm any body goig to the falken drift showoff??
i'll be there with team ikon
Well I'm a little late and not exactly in Houston. anybody ever heard of lufkin? It's 2 hours up 59 N. but next time there is a meet you can definately count me in!
lol hmm ikon, this is the same guy that messaged you on h-i, i will come up to you at the show to take a look at your car in person if you dont mind
Damn, we really need to set up a meet/photoshoot. This just isn't right with a city as big as ours.
wut up guys new member here. 06 royal blue 5AT w/ navi & oem spoiler. reppin north side 1960 area. any rockets fans in the house?
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