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How i made my splitter

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Short Video on how i made my TSX front splitter.

Pretty much just took off my bumper and set it on the sheet of alumalite flush to the end. Made small marks on where the bumper was sitting. Then i moved both sides up 5 inches and outlined the front. Then from the edge of the outline to 1inch wider than the original bumper marks make a line. the rest was just cut and drill then use bolts with fender washers.

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Hey, i got it from a shop that sell Sign Board. it was $130CAD for a full 8x4 sheet. Pretty strong, i've taken it up to 195kph without front rods and no bends or anything.
Thanks for the great videos!

Does the splitter extends 5" away from the bumper? I read somewhere (maybe on s2k) that there is a sweet spot, 3" or 4" on either s2k or miata. But obviously now you have enough power so drag might not be that much of a concern. Any plan on flat underbody + diffuser?
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