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I have noticed there isn't many forums on here that discuss how to disable all of the dash lights on a first generation TSX when installing bucket seats so I have decided to help some of you guys with it and save you guys some headache. this forum is mainly for people have electric driver side seats or even both sides. it is the same process for both sides. if you have manual sliding seats this process is even easier. I designed my process so that you guys can put your old seats back in if you ever want to.

Step 1. Get your parts.

PARTS LIST -------------------------------------------------------
  • seat brackets from pick n pull
  • steel strips (hardware store)
  • female connecter for yellow airbag plugs (x2) (pick n pull)
  • 5 watt 2.2 ohm resistors (x2) (computer store)
  • seat belt buckles (x2) (pick n pull)
  • electric seat wiring harnesses (x1 or x2 depending on your year) (pick n pull)
  • zip ties
  • access to a welder
  • metal drill
  • bolts to mount seat on bracket

so you have your seats. you will need some parts to complete this process. I personally chose to weld up my own seat bracket so I will show you guys how to do this first. If you have access to a parts pulling yard I strongly suggest taking these to your advantage to keep the cost down.

I will begin showing you how I made my custom seat bracket. I went to pick n pull and purchased a passenger side seat (manual sliders) because my driver seat is electric. I took the seat home and angle grinded off the sliders on the bottom. once you have these two pieces off they directly bolt to the floor perfectly on the driver side as well. I live in Canada so i went to Canadian tire about a couple strips of steel. I also pulled another seat belt buckle off a TSX at pick n pull.

once i had these pieces I welded up the bracket. as shown in the picture below.

once i finished this i grinded down any imperfections and cleaned up the bracket. drill holes into the bracket as you need depending on your seat sides

STEP 2: your next step you will have to get some electrical components.


First up your are going to Sauder on 5.5 watt resistors to the 2 female yellow airbag plugs you got at pick n pull. this way the air bag system is tricked into thinking there is still air bags. once this is done you can simply plug these female connectors onto each of the air bag plugs. You can Sauder on the resistor coming out of the floor but this way if you want to put your stock seats back in you can use these separate connectors so you don't ruin the wiring.

the next electrical step depends on your seat set up. most of you will have electric driver sears like me. next you will see a 10 pin connector coming out of the floor next to the yellow air bag plug. take your electric seat harness and simply plug it into the that 10 pin connector. next plug in your seat belt wire (blue connector) and neatly zip tie the rest of the harness neatly together. you do not need to plug anything else in. once your done you can just tuck all the wires nicely under the seat.

pictures of both connectors below.


Next connect your battery again and your done! slightly complicated job but easy to do. enjoy your universal bucket seats! and if you don't want them you can easily returnback to stock.

I still have to clean up the bracket and paint it but it works!
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