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That is right folks, we are done testing out the XT910 and are thoroughly impressed. We will be revamping our whole HTSpec brake package lineup to suit it. If you are in the market for brakes soon, you might want to investigate these kits as they are sure to be about the best you can get. Read the article on here: HTSpec brake packages to be revised with NEW RB XT910 pad compound

mrheeltoe said:
RB Performance has been a long time supplier of braking products to Heeltoe Automotive, and these parts have proven over the long term to be the very best available! Never being one to rest on their laurels, RB has come up with a new pad which is a TRUE and FUNCTIONAL balance between a street and track pad!

Existing street/track pad options have been limited to those which perform ok in either area but do not do very great in either. Either the pad has good bite and temperature tolerance but is soft to favor better streetability which compromises in high wear rate in performance driving, or it is more aggressive to put up with performance demands and is noisy and harsh on the street and fails to be safe at low temperatures.

The XT910 has been in use on the HTSpec TSX for the last 3-4 months, and we can definitively say that this is the new MUST HAVE pad for the street performance/light track use driver. While we have experienced noise from time to time, it is never unbearable or embarrassing. The dusting levels are very reasonable, especially when combined with RB rotors (the exclusive rotor on offer in HTSpec packages). Yet in track driving scenarios we find that the XT910 will withstand an immense amount of braking abuse, as we had found out on our most recent outing to the Streets of Willow Racetrack.

The XT910 has proven itself to us to be very tractable on the street as it provides:

  • A firm pedal and confident pedal feel.
  • Good friction when cold.
  • Low wear rate on rotors.
  • Acceptable dusting levels.
  • Minimal noise.

On the track, we found the XT910 to be:

  • Very difficult to overheat (the HTSpec TSX is on Ultra High Performance 255mm width Hankook tiress).
  • Very consistent with extremely easy modulation (phenominal ability to threshold-brake).
  • An extremely impressive wear rate (Pads went into the weekend with 6000 miles on them, endured four sessions, and drove home with little evidence that excessive wear occured at all...they are still on the car now!).
  • No shaking or fading that would indicate a breakdown from excess heat or pressure.

The XT910 is truly the perfect balance in pad for those who like to use all their car's braking ability with no drawback! Even a pure street driver will appreciate the long wear life this pad offers.
The lower grade street RB Performance ET300 and ET500, and even ET800, pads are great options for the street as they offer low dust, no noise, and improved consistency people expect from HTSpec brakes. As their grade increases they also work well as temperatures rise. However we found that the ET-series pads simply cannot withstand the rigors of sustained performance use, such as extended mountain curves or track use in the hands of aggressive drivers, without wearing down the material to nothing very fast.

So for strict street use in the hands of Grocery Getters or Street/Sport enthusiasts, the ET-series is great, and we suggest the ET500 over all. For Street Performance drivers, or those engaging in occasional track or autocross use, the new XT910 is hard to beat for it's tractability.

All HTSpec brake packages are due to be revised soon with our latest findings and preferences for braking excellence!
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