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The new/ old BBS wheels I picked up Cheap fitted fine on the test fit, apart from one aspect.
The center hubs were too small to fit the 64.1 Honda hub. They had to be taken out by about 4mm.
So it was take them to a machine shop or do it myself. The machine shop wanted $100 to do the job and that's $100 wasted from the new tyres I need for the wheels.

It was do a bit of research, choose a method, grit my teeth and do it.
Most of the DIY methods on YuTube involve using a router to chew out the center. I don't have a router, and don't like the idea that it's not a 'centered' method.
Then there's the dremel method, also not centered, and it takes hours.
I happened on some dude on a forum saying he'd used a hole saw. This sounded better as it could be centered and was close to center boring.
Went to the tool shop and bought a 65mm hole saw.

The first thing I had to do was find a way of centering the saw.
This was done by using it to cut out a circular blank from a piece of 1/2 inch soft wood.
I then hammered (reasonably firmly) the wood into the bevel around the front of the wheel hub making sure it was evenly fixed. This gives a guide for the drill bit in the middle of the holesaw and the middle of the wheel so that the boring is even.

Then it's just a matter of cutting the wheel hub from the back.
The lip on the Honda wheel hub is around 5mm high, so I only had to bore a little more than that depth into the hub to get clearance.
I used lots of cutting oil during the job, taking it slowly and stopping to clear out the built up swarf regularly. The drill was held at medium speed and care was taken that it remained vertical and the cut even.

I did break the center drill bit once (on the third wheel) because there is some sideways pressure and tool steel wont take that. I inserted a piece of mild steel bar into the holesaw center instead because it can handle the pressure better than a drill bit.

Clean up the cut with a round file and it fits perfectly.
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