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I left my heart in San Francisco

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Just wanted to show everyone where im from.
Some pics came out grainy.
Hope ya like em.

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all day journey! lookin good roy!

now get in on this hondata group buy :evil:
nice pics, and digging the grill ^^-b ::props::
like the car, dont care much for the roof visor, LOVE the GRILLE....:ben:

where'd you get it at...?how much...?
Looking good.
Go ahead and rep that sh*t! hahahahaa Nice job! Yeah, the pix are a bit grainy and a bit blurr, but you definitely hit the SPOTS! Dope! :thumbsup:
Aggressive look, i like.
nice pictures.. also what kind of wheels are they?
Cant say I like that Wald grill but your car looks good nonetheless.
The one picture with the houses says, "Raising the bar"!! Haha.
Nice pics! Love that grill.
what a way to rep frisco and tsx :thumbsup: hey what rear lip spoiler is that?
Nice pics! Good looking car. Interesting scenery! =)
nice looking good...sick way to rep for the bay..
great pics bro, makes wanna see frisco in ur car!!! watch out for salt stains being that close to the ocean LOL, nicely done
very clean car and nice city. im digging that front grille ive never seen it before. If its the "wald" grille apparently its really rare and expensive lol
Way to rep the Yay roy! Did you have that grill on last time I saw you, I missed it!

Did you do all these in one day? That's a lot of driving man, lol!
1 - 20 of 53 Posts
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