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I need tire help

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I have a 2005 TSX black on black, its sitting on tein basics. Dropped 2" in the front and 1.5" in the rear. Im sitting on stock rim and tires right now. Right know I am looking at getting a set of BBS RS rims. 17x8.5 +30 for the front and 17x10 +20 for the rear. I do not know what size tire I should run. I want to be flush, I probably will end up rolling the fenders.
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Hmm with the current drop, the 17x10s will stick out ALOT...If you want to be flush with that setup, you'll need to stretch tires(225/40/17) and add some negative camber. This is just my opinion but, please don't buy the wheels in those sizes...The TSX is a front wheel drive car, if you want to run a staggered setup, the wider wheel should be placed in the front, not in the rear. I'd suggest getting the same sizes all around.
If you could get 8.5 all around then definitely do that instead of getting the 10s. Stretching 215 over 8.5 is safer than stretching them over the 10s anyways. So yes, get the 17x8.5 +30 all around and you're golden.

edit: I should mention that you probably should lower the car a bit more for it to look good.
No you won't need a spacer. Just drop it until the top of the tire touches the fender, personally I'd like half a finger gap but that's up to you. Go to and search for TSX, you'll find some references there. Oh and don't forget to get a set of camber kits to straight out the toe, otherwise you'll find your new tires going bald VERY fast.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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