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Whats up guys. Ive come onto the forum to hopefully help out everyone and learn a few new things myslef. i may be a newb on here but im sure some of you know me from k-seiries clubrsx ect ect...

Anyway, My friend mike (the Admin of and I are calling out all TSX's in the South Florida Area for the Second Promo video. Our website includes all i-vtec equipped vehicles. We have the first Promo Video completed here's a link to the video and website:

anyway guys im hoping we can get a few of you to check out our web site and help it grow.

Mods feel free to move this thread, incase its in the wrong section.

Thanx guys


would you be my neighbor?
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when is this taking place cause ill be in orlando in early june

oh and welcome to the board :)
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