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i2ide's TSX V2.0

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Been m.i.a. for a little while. I'm back.... for a little while haha













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Dude that's one hell of a makeover but your ride is sick son
thanks guys. yeah i still miss the mean/evil-ish look my car had. now it looks more tame. oh well haha
I like the new look; however, the old grille looks great.
Wow, your ride is real clean. I wasn't too sure about the front bumper but it looks great your whip. Looks like your rear wheels could use some spacers to get the same stance as the front. It looks like fitment on your CF trunk isn't 100% (the taillights seem to not align perfect). That would bother me but like I said, your car is real clean. Definitely one of my favorites. Congrats, all that work payed off.
:drool1: looks great
the reason the trunk doesnt completely align is bc its a lot lighter than the oem. it's not the actual trunk shape, its the weight that's affecting it. and yeah i might get some spacers later
Dam son big baller.... kenstyle and jdm lights... lol... wassup with being dumped u slackin hard...
im still dumped bro. 215/40 on 8s and 9s. tire stretched lol
U doin it big.... I got to catch up to u now....
East coast twin D:
What color is the centers of the locksmiths?
Nice change-over. I thought the wheels wouldve been more flush. Maybe you dont need to run so stretched on the tires?

But love the car! :thumbsup:
IMO, i prefered your old look :p

East coast twin D:
Damn right about that! You guys even have the same number plates! :laugh:
Shits weak son...jk looks pretty damn sick.
Soooooo nice Jon.

1 - 20 of 36 Posts
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