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Okay I did some research, this is what I came up with. Keep in mind that this is to stay as close as possible to the OEM diameter without throwing your speedo off into the negative percentage. This equals less rotations per mile and slightly more fill in the wheel well.

Stock- 215/50/17
+1 (7.5 inch rim) - 225/45/18 (.51 inches taller than stock diameter)
+2 (8 inch rim) - 235/35/19 (approximately the exact same as OEM diam.)
+3 (8.5 inch rim) - 245/30/20 (.32 inches taller than stock diameter)

Of course you have other sizes like 20x8, 20x 7.5 and so on but I think that the most popular sizes are 18x7.5, 19x7.5, 19x8 and 20x8.5, correct me if I'm wrong here.

Please feel free to add any info. Maybe someone could come up with a chart for offsets for the rim sizes to give some of the newer members like myself a "starting" point.

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225/40/18 on 7.5 or 8.0 will run the same as stock (speedo)
235/35/19 on 8.0 will run same as stock (speedo)
20 inch wheels is a waste to worry about, cause I personally think it's too damn big. This is a sedan, not a monster truck.

What exactly are you trying to figure out that you haven't accomplished in one of these two threads? Are you looking for a wheel/ tire combo that'll keep you set to stock?
What size wheel do you want? If you figure out what you want, it'll be easier for people to help you out.

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If you want to go with 18s, 235-40-18 at 25.40" is the closest to the stock 25.46" diameter. 225-40-18 is 25.09" which is smaller than stock and will throw off the speedometer and odometer.

The closest matches to the stock 215-50-17 size are:


All 3 of these sizes are very close to stock and will have a negligible effect on the speedometer/odometer. The 225-40-18 and 225-35-19s are definitely shorter than stock.
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