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hey guys, just a quick question, anyone know how to turn off the Idiot light, Hit 17k and now its comming on at startup, gonna change the oil next week, (last change was at 14,320, this one will be about 17,5 im guessing) Brake Pads need to be done, but ill do that one myself as well, once Im home for the summer from school, Wipers are new, Tires fine, and roated regualy, Batterys Brand new, Trannys Brand new, lol, cars in great shape, so Dont need to give Acura anymore money, so If someone can just tell me how to turn off this stupid light im good :laugh:


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Get in car, close driver side door.
Put foot on the brake, and hold the "select reset" button (located below the tach, to the left). Turn the ignition to on (but don't start the car). Maintenance light will flash, and then go away. Turn key back to off, and then back on (starting the car). :thumbsup:

It's in the manual
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