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If i had subs, could i crank norm. bass to nothing?

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I did get my rattles fixed 7 times or more so far. but as the weather changes they always come back. so im wondering if i had a sub in the trunk, do people ever rely on the independant bass for the whole system, and maybe turn my stock setup to near 0. im thinking if i can get rid of bass going in the door, maybe the rattles will be gone. im wondering if the bass from the trunk is strong enough for everything, and if maybe it will end up going thru the doors anyways and ruin my whole plan.
any input or experience would be nice.
thanks in advance,
TSX Cman
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also, now that its cold out, when i press CD, to go to CD-C for my mp3 player, it will not switch over. i slam, and hold and do everything that you can to a button. and the thing will not go to anything other than normal CD. i can go radio, cd, backto radio. i can take out the cds, where it would normally jump to CD-C, it now goes to the radio. Is my CD-C function gone or something?
My guess is the connection came undone. Easy to check. Pull out the cubby bin under the stereo and see if pl;ug is still attached to bottom of HU. OH, after thinking about it, this is where your MP3 player is. On second thought, return to dealer to fix.
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