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I'm hearing things

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When I'm crusing, 50mph+ I hear a whiling noise when I accelerate. I'm confused. I wonder if any of you guys/girls have heard of this noise? It drove me nuts on the drive from NJ to FL. All I got in the car is a K&N filter. I did loose a screw but it's pretty damn secure I gotta say. Any thoughts?
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I get the same thing when I'm on the freeway. Once I let off the gas, it goes away. The sound comes back when I start to accelerate and get back to speed. My friend said it was normal, but I'm still not too sure.
Some people say its just the sound of the air going through the exhaust I would not worry about it.
When I installed the wiring for my subs, I noticed a small, high-pitched electrical whine. I tracked it to the remote wire. It stopped after a while, though. Either of you done any electrical work in the car?
No it's not electrical.
Hey, Ive been hearing the noise too on the drive here to FL. It's basically something to do with the transmission but I heard it's normal.
I had a whirring noise as I was stepping on the gas which seemed to increase in volume when the RPM increased.

Then my tranny died.
yea i have the same thing going on..went to dealer and they dont hear it..its annoying....
Thanks Narci, makes me feel better lol
Yup same here,

it started out as a whining noise, after a few months it turned into a voice. Good thing i always wear my seatbelt, because at one point i started to float above my seat like something was liftin me up.
I had to call an excorsist to get rid of it.

Just messin'

Seriously though, i shouldn't be worried about it since this is a common thing.
My car is only one year old, and i have the same thing just like a buddy of mine.
It's sound like a mini supercharger is under your hood.
Turn up the airco and the sound will increase slightly.
Don't worry it's air flowing what causes the sound.
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ive been hearin the same noise..but i thought it was cause i only removed the resonator box but left the other tubing in
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