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I'm hearing things

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When I'm crusing, 50mph+ I hear a whiling noise when I accelerate. I'm confused. I wonder if any of you guys/girls have heard of this noise? It drove me nuts on the drive from NJ to FL. All I got in the car is a K&N filter. I did loose a screw but it's pretty damn secure I gotta say. Any thoughts?
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Yup same here,

it started out as a whining noise, after a few months it turned into a voice. Good thing i always wear my seatbelt, because at one point i started to float above my seat like something was liftin me up.
I had to call an excorsist to get rid of it.

Just messin'

Seriously though, i shouldn't be worried about it since this is a common thing.
My car is only one year old, and i have the same thing just like a buddy of mine.
It's sound like a mini supercharger is under your hood.
Turn up the airco and the sound will increase slightly.
Don't worry it's air flowing what causes the sound.
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