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My 04 TSX was totalled and I pulled a few goodies out of it before the insurance company took it from me.

SOLD - Injen cold air intake (adapts to short ram intake also) with no filter - $100 shipped.

SOLD - Custom in-dash monitor that fits perfectly where the storage compartment and "not an ash tray" compartment are. You can hook up a DVD player, computer or anything else to this device. I bought this off a TSXclub member a few years back. He custom fit the screen and it looks like it came with the car. - $100 shipped.

SOLD - Soundgate AUX audio input unit and harness adapter. This utilizes the input for a CD changer and gives you two RCA inputs (L/R) which I just adapted to a 1/8" headphone jack. - $25 shipped.

Email me if you are interested in any or all of these items.
[email protected]

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