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when I added the new cusco/j's hangers from Heeltoe, it lifted the exhaust almost snug to the lip on both sides. Also be aware, now your exhaust hangs lower than usual (vs stock/other afterM) because of its design. If you go low, that will be lowest part of your ride!
video of the exhaust (also injen & CTE Header): [Pre-hangers]

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Any videos? I bet they sound good together...
Not yet, but I'll post! They sound awesome together, it's just the sound I was looking for since I don't like the really loud exhausts, but when you floor it it's awesome

I feel like everyone who has installed a WS2 on their tsx ends up with the passenger side exhaust tip sticking closer to the bumper than on the driver side. I have the same problem lol.
I didn't even notice lol

take a broom and put it in the muffler that is hanging lower. move the broom up to move the muffler upwards.
I'll give that a shot thanks!
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