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I was wondering about how much insurance you are paying for the TSX in NY.

I live in Albany, and checked up on it it seems to be around 4000 a year. Of course, i'm young, male, and single.

Actually I'm a first year college student to be exact. I'm going to be in this area for 7 more years through med school and thought the TSX would be a good choice for a car starting next year.

I'm also considering though, the Subaru WRX.

Anyhow, I still think the TRX is an awesome car. The interior definately is one of the best aspects of this car. The possibilites with the nav. system including MP3 as well as the possibility of adding a dvd player and just connecting it to the output of the LCD.

Also the factory body kit looks awesome. I guess the only lacking part is the 200 hp and measly torque. But who gives? Its not like we race all the time right?
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