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Interesting summary, and nicely written.

BTW the title might be a bit misleading to some people. It was to me. "Vehicle brands and who owns them" -- I thought it was going to be about the demographics and maybe also the personalities of the individual people (like us) who buy each car. But it's about who owns what at the corporate level -- like, Volkswagen owns Audi, etc. The writer captures the confusion and complexity very well, and makes us feel like it's not all our fault if we don't exactly get it. Like:

DaimlerChrysler is another complicated story. Did Daimler-Benz merge with Chrysler, or did they simply buy Chrysler? The jury’s still out....

I sort of knew that BMW owns Rolls-Royce -- but I didn't know that VW owns Bentley. In fact, I always thought that Rolls and Bentley were sort of the same!

I wonder if there are any sites where people cross-shop Rolls and Bentley, and trash-talk and troll one another about how the other car sucks. :D
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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