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Interesting find + a question

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I have been looking for places to buy parts for the TSX lately and I stumbled upon this site . It is in japanese but the navigation bar on the right is in english. There are some cool parts in the tuning section including a new intake manifold (?) which I have never seen before. I don't know if it would fit the 2.4 litre though (i think the japanese Euro R has the 2.0 litre). Anyways check out the site


I was wondering where everyone is buying their parts from? I know King has all the mugen stuff but what about the phase, amuse, spoon, etc?


Is there a rear lip kit with only one muffler cutout?? I am not a fan of the dual and was wondering if there is a single outlet lip kit out there... thanks in advance!
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...just found another cool part, it looks like a Phase short throw shifter?? anyways check it out!!!!!!
Nope, the intake manifold for the CL7 and CL9 is different, due to the different engine specifications. I doubt the CL7 intake manifold is any better, I had a few engineers look and compare the setup for the CL7 and 9 intake plenum ... Most agreed the CL9 manifold is more superior especially for torque gains, while the CL7 is more high end power bias.

Nope, there's no single muffler cut-out. I've got used to the extra hole on the other side since the S2000. I'm more bias towards function over form.

While I've recommended people getting those other parts from Bulletproof Automotive. They can source most of whatever required for the CL9 from JDM tuners/manufacturers for the North Americas region.
thanks for the great site!

Sorry for another noob question but what is the difference between the CL7 and CL9?

and another great site
CL7 = JDM Accord Euro R
CL9 = Accord / Accord Euro / Acura TSX
noel have pictures of the two differing manifolds?
Welcome rbc
Welcome to the site RBC!
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