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iPhone/iPad Mirroring on Navi Screen Kit

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Selling my setup used to mirror my iPhone/iPad onto my Navi screen using the Aux video port of our Navi drives.

This does not include the Aux video connections, only the setup that will convert your iPhone/iPad signals into a usable signal on the navi screen. If you have an Aux Video input, this kit will automatically convert your signal to analog and then scale the screen to the appropriate resolution of the monitor used (Without this, your signal will not show up on the monitor properly).

Simple Aux Video can be created with these guides (same guide, different experience posts:

TSXclub Guide


Azine Guide

This is the real deal, works perfectly, using quality stuff. Selling because I need some cash to buy a Park & Sun Spectrum Classic Volleyball System ;).

Includes (What I paid):

  • Startech VGA to Composite converter ($100).

    -AC powered, requires DC plug adapter for armrest plug.
  • Genuine Apple 8-pin to VGA adapter ($50).
  • 3 foot VGA cable (black) ($10)
  • 20 foot Composite Video cable for routing ($15).

    -can possibly provide smaller cable if you know your distance to be used.


Might be willing to create the aux video input for extra $$ (will require a switch, power from cig lite, long wiring etc) If you're needing a dual set up with back up cam option, expect to pay for it and wait for me to fabricate it. Selling as is first.

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I've been looking for something like this. I'm not sure if I need the aux video input? How can I tell ? if you can email me, that would be preferred. I respond to that more often. I messaged you my email. Thanks

ps: I own a spectrum vball net, its very nice !

1 - 3 of 4 Posts
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