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Ipod integration kit for 04 TSX w/NAV

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Anyone selling or know of someone selling a kit (isimple, spec, etc)?

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Will the Spec or Isimple work with other mp3 players aside from the ipod? In my old car I installed aftermarket radio which came with the input right in the front which u put an aux cable in the headjack of any player and it worked..I don't care about controlling volume or track I just care about being able to play differents players. Ipod, zune etc
Yeah, iSimple comes with the 3.5mm jack wire thing.
I see u live in queens. Do you have one as well? And whered u get yours?
I bought mine from WhiteStone Circuit City for $100. It's like 30% off over there since they're going out of business.
Do you have NAV? and did you install yourself?
No NAV and yeah I installed it myself. Just had to drill a hole. It was pretty easy, took around 10mins.
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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