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Ipod integration kit for 04 TSX w/NAV

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Anyone selling or know of someone selling a kit (isimple, spec, etc)?

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Bought a USA-Spec and installed it. Works perfectly! :)
lol ya me too, end up buying USA Spec PA-HON2 works perfect. install went smooth, however, no text displaying on 04 w/ navi, i already aware of that tho.
Yeah, i love mine so far too. I wish we had the text but at least the steering controls are super convenient. :)
I want one!! Will this work on an 05 navi? Did u guys install it urself? Link to product plz plz plz
I got mine on Ebay. It should work for your car as well.
USA SPec has option for Audio aux cable too, in case you dont have an ipod or want to connect like a portable dvd player or your laptop.

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1 - 6 of 19 Posts
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