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In the last few days I spoke via telephone with a couple of my local dealers and got one to offer me $500 off the sticker, plus free cargo net, plus free wheel locks with the purchase. I believe the latter two are worth about $150. Another dealer offered $750 off, plus free cargo net for the trunk. I didn't ask him about wheels locks which many dealers nowdays install automatically anyway. Both vehicles were scheduled for late September delivery and had NAV systems. So if I could get'em to come down on price without setting foot at the store, I should be able to get even a better deal when I talk to them face-2-face. Now, the mark-up on a TSX bundled with NAV is an optimistic $2523. That's more than what you'd pay for a '04 M-B C320 with sport suspension, Z-rated Michelins on 17" sport wheels and 4Matic. I'm looking to land somewhere under $1300 as far as my mark-up goes, which would allow the outta-the-door price not to exceed the $30K mark. As recently as a couple months ago Boston dealers looked at you as though you were nuts whenever somebody asked for a break on the TSX. Today nobody seems to have any inventory, and those who may have a car or two most likely stock 6MTs. Naturally many people get pissed, turn around and drive straight to Audi store. Of course they end up paying more, but they do a get a shyteload of goodies for the extra $$$. Like full Italian leather interior, bi-xenons lights, heated power-folding mirrors, every-which-way adjustable passenger seat, 4y/50K free maintenance etc. And these '04 models are readily available too. Maybe that's one of the things that prompted Acura dealers to become more flexible lately. Anyhow, I'm wondering if paying 1/2 the normal mark-up is do-able in the NorthEast region.


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Hard to say... it'll depend on what they have in inventory. If they've got some that has been around for a few weeks or so, they might budge a little more.

Just so you know, Acura sold 2,938 TSXs in July which is the most so far for it and more than the RSX. Sales seem to continue to be strong for the car, so getting the price down may be difficult.
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