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is my stock amp being over worked?

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I just had all my speakers changed from stock, to rockford fosgate(s) and 2x kicker in the front doors...aswell as added a sub.

I have the sub powered by it's own amp of course

I just recently got the final thing installed (the tweeters) and noticed some weird noise coming from the front passenger a electronic hum/buzz that gets louder when I accelerate. not super loud but noticeable

I've also noticed the stock amp seems to be getting very hot after a this normal?

I don't want to fry the amp (stock amp is powering 4x door speakers as well as the tweeters)

edit: don't want to post too much but also the other day I was driving and randomly the front door speakers and tweeters stopped playing...about an hour later and having turned the car off for a bit they were working again?...a little concerning
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Lately the tweeters and front door speakers turn off after a bit? And it seems I I turn the stereo power off and back on they work gain but only temporarily...anyone got any ideas?

This all only just started after getting my speakers/sub installed
The Buzz/hum could be a bad ground. Has been for me in the past
yea i would check grounds and connections then go from there
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