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is my temperature sensor f**ked up?

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Well, after installation of audio system, I noticed how my temperature on the screen always shows somewhere around 7 degrees. Thought it was just a weather..

Well tonight, I am pretty sure it's way below than 11 degrees... when I start the car it was showing 11 degrees, as I drive, the temperature went down to 3-4 degrees. Is this suppose to be like this? or is the temperature suppose to be at around what it actually is when I start the car?

Only modification I have is 5 channel amp and speakers in front door, woofer, and T1R voltage stablizer..

Thanks in advance. ;)
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mine is pretty acurrate...

within 3 degree between starting and after being driven for a while.....
I like the bottom ones tho... ha ha...

but seriously... all blue does look much better..... :mecry: :mecry:
Zigen said:
:nod: :nod: :nod:
I am doing a swap when I have a chance next time.
:nod: :nod: :nod:
Revenent said:
OK, damn it, you and Zigen really need to start a translation site or post up a dictionary for all the combination of smilies you use in a post. :D

Trying to read your posts is like reading those wordless comics and then trying to figure out what the story is. :laugh:
lol, we don't have some code to follow... just need to figure out what those stands for, lol

u can do it too :)
Benz_05TSX said:
True that.....I still remember my first thread.....the DAMN SNOW....make me crashed my car......hahaha...

I think 2-3 pgs of kinda on topic discussion, and the 20+ pgs afta dat became a private discussion 4 sum of the members here.....*cough* Saz..

BUt....back to the T1R.... how much is it??....and anyone got some GOOD pics of the color?? hahaha.....I am interested.....because last time i saw Saz had 2 in his car!!!
*cough* mine is not T1R *cough*
mine cost more $$$ too....

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-phase- said:
saz, do you feel a difference with your set up now compared to the stock set up?
don't want to comment anything on butt dyno or "feel"...
there are always morons who like to pick on those, b/c "stock for the win" for them.
I just use them as extra capacitors :)
cheori said:
w00t that was the one I was looking for!
Hot inazma ;D wooooooooo $$$$
Can buy it in HK :)
-phase- said:
so what exactly do those two things do? is it like a t1r x 2?
im so
It is like a one-way diole + capacitor.
I want 2 b/c I want extra cap for the sound system...
Benz_05TSX said:
I have no idea what you said. Mind explaining a little more? I kind of know what it does, but people tell me, they are kind of useless on a AT car?
don't think it is right.

**IF** it really works, it is even better for AT cars.
b/c AT tranny needs electricity to shift, although the mechanism is bunch of gears + fluid. Even stock AT TSX has a ground wire attached to the tranny. Doesn't have one on TL and it shifts pretty bad.
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