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is my temperature sensor f**ked up?

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Well, after installation of audio system, I noticed how my temperature on the screen always shows somewhere around 7 degrees. Thought it was just a weather..

Well tonight, I am pretty sure it's way below than 11 degrees... when I start the car it was showing 11 degrees, as I drive, the temperature went down to 3-4 degrees. Is this suppose to be like this? or is the temperature suppose to be at around what it actually is when I start the car?

Only modification I have is 5 channel amp and speakers in front door, woofer, and T1R voltage stablizer..

Thanks in advance. ;)
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mine is like that too...started up a little it for a while...then it dropped back to correct temp.
SAZABI said:
but seriously... all blue does look much better..... :mecry: :mecry:

:nod: :nod: :nod:
SAZABI said:
I am doing a swap when I have a chance next time.
:nod: :nod: :nod:
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Revenent said:
OK, damn it, you and Zigen really need to start a translation site or post up a dictionary for all the combination of smilies you use in a post. :D

Trying to read your posts is like reading those wordless comics and then trying to figure out what the story is. :laugh:
use some imagination...u can figure it out... :)
Revenent said:
My imagination is used up at work, trying to think of creative ways of breaking things.

I don't have enough left to figure out smilies. :D
that is sad to hear... :laugh:
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