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is my temperature sensor f**ked up?

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Well, after installation of audio system, I noticed how my temperature on the screen always shows somewhere around 7 degrees. Thought it was just a weather..

Well tonight, I am pretty sure it's way below than 11 degrees... when I start the car it was showing 11 degrees, as I drive, the temperature went down to 3-4 degrees. Is this suppose to be like this? or is the temperature suppose to be at around what it actually is when I start the car?

Only modification I have is 5 channel amp and speakers in front door, woofer, and T1R voltage stablizer..

Thanks in advance. ;)
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hey u notice anything with the t1r installed??

throttle response..
anything? im thinkin of getting one

a lot of ppl either say its useless or they swear by it
pw = postwhore = take someone else's thread and talk about something else..which you can see has happened in this thread
taken off ajr's website

"The T1R V-Power Voltage Stabilizer regulates the voltage of the car's electrical system, providing constant voltage at all times. Normally the electrical system's voltage will fluctuate under acceleration resulting in power loss and rough power delivery. The Voltage Stabilizer eliminates this voltage fluctuation, providing a constant voltage, thereby smoothening power delivery and optimizing power. Low rpm performance is improved noticeably, with improved response, acceleration, and smoothness. Fuel economy is also improved, especially for city driving conditions. This product also features a ON/OFF switch for safer installations. Avialble in 4 colours i.e. red, blue , silver & gold."
cheori said:
haha we always get off topic whenever I post something.. lol

we always get off topic whenever ANYONE posts
saz, do you feel a difference with your set up now compared to the stock set up?
Benz_05TSX said:
BUt....back to the T1R.... how much is it??....and anyone got some GOOD pics of the color?? hahaha.....I am interested.....because last time i saw Saz had 2 in his car!!!
AJR has em listed on their website for $140..
i was offered one through another store $135 tax-in
SAZABI said:
don't want to comment anything on butt dyno or "feel"...
there are always morons who like to pick on those, b/c "stock for the win" for them.
I just use them as extra capacitors :)
so what exactly do those two things do? is it like a t1r x 2?
im so
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