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Don't get me wrong, I do love my TSX and wouldn't consider changing. That said, I can't help notice how the "bean counters" (even at Honda) have managed to reduce costs.

If any of you own or owned Accords or Acuras before, especially older ones, you will know what I am referring to. These are minor points to be sure, but having a '93 Accord sitting right next to the TSX really serves as a good basis for comparison.

Being a glass is half empty kinda guy, I thought it would be fun to list all the little shortcuts Honda has taken recently. Or, if anyone likes, feel free to point out any new additions or improvments

Here are some negatives I've found:
- The trunk interior (carpet and trim) is all black and not color keyed to the car's interior.
- Rear doors no longer contain interior courtesy lamps.
- Carpeting and mats have are much less dense (plush).
- Leather quality of seats seems less soft (feels more like vinyl) mostly on non-perforated seating surfaces.
- Painted wheels appear very cheap looking opposed to older polished aluminum style (this may be supplier driven as all newer cars seem to be going this way).
- No body side molding (not even as an option).
- No gas strut supports for the hood (yes I know 4 cylinder. Accords don't have these, but this is an Acura).
- No mast antenna (radio reception on AM seems to suffer more).
- No memory seat for driver.
- No lumbar for passenger.
- No power seat for passenger.
- No 12v socket in trunk (was never available but would be nice).
- No express button for moon roof (must hold in to open/close).
- No express buttons for all 4 doors windows.
- Ceiling mounted grab handles feel somewhat flimsy (compared to older Accords)
- Lack of carpet trim on door bottoms (also seems to be a trend)
- Lack of fabric material covers over speaker grills (all plastic covers now).
- Front cupholders (in console) have no removable inserts (where do the spills go if a cup should leak?).
- Despite excellent handling characteristics, car is very tall for a sport sedan (side by side with 93 Accord, TSX is ~ 3" taller - possibly due to side impact standards).
- No amber turn signal lenses in tail lamps.
- No LEDs in tail lamps.
- No center headrest for rear seat (as in Europe and Japan).
- No headlight washers (as in Europe and Japan).
- No sunvisor extensions.
- Pop up Moonroof air deflector is less substantial than previous years (hardly works).
- Inability to lower or raise all 4 windows from inside car (only with key remote).
- No integrated remote function with ignition key.
- No random play with CD player (only within disc, not between all discs)

Here are some positives:
+ Overall sound insulation is day and night better than older Hondas.
+ Fuel filler door is now metal instead of plastic
+ LCD I.P. has been replaced with LEDs (big improvement)
+ Sound deadening has been added, most noticeable to undreside of hood.
+ Inside trunk pull down handle eliminates messy hand prints all over paint when closing.
+ All plastic threshold plates replaced with nicer aluminum finish inserts.
+ Rear overhead courtesy lamp is nice touch.
+ As are the relocated rear door lock pull up buttons (moved toward rear of door).
+ Extra 12v socket in console storage is a plus.
+ Moonroof motor noise is much quieter.
+ Nicer felt headliner material than older vinyl cover.
+ Having a ceiling mounted grab handle for driver.
+ Nicer looking engine trim cover than recent efforts.
+ Outstanding design exterior door handles.
+ Excellent design exterior mirrors (especially with LEDs - nicer than the TL)
+ Exceptional fit and finish between mating exterior panels (small and consistant gaps).
+ Very good paint finish overall (at least on PWP).
+ Nice touch to include the chrome tail pipes as standard.
+ Excellent ergonomics (its still a Honda) with great feel to all the switchgear.
+ Nice inclusion of telescopic steering wheel with the tilt feature
+ Nice to have auto dimming mirror as standard.
+ Exceptional A/C system (first thing I look for during a test drive in Summer).
+ Split rear seatback is way better than older single piece.
+ Nice touch to include adjustable rear headrests (instead of integrated style).

Did I miss anything?
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