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Is this possible??

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Fronts - 18x9 offset +58
Rears - 18x10 offset +45

Can a wheel guru chime in? What do I have to do to fit these wheels. I will be lowered on tein type flex thanks!
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I do believe you'll need some spacers, so your wheels dont hit the struts, because the offset is so high.
thanks for the quick response;)
camer and roll to fit the 10s depending on your drop. and spacers needed, 15-25mm spacer should be fine
thanks! any certain brands I should go with?
thanks! any certain brands I should go with?
ichiba version 2 cause they have extended studs unless you have extended studs go with version 1

if you go extended studs go with blackwerks they been holdin up great for me since my last set of blox.. which werent too good
thanks bro!
how much am i looking at?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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