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Well, you sure came to the right place. :D

How's this:

Don't let me fool you into thinking that I understand a word of this :D but looks to me like the key part is:

"The i stands for intelligent : i-VTEC is intelligent-VTEC. Honda introduced many new innovations in i-VTEC, but the most significant one is the addition of a variable valve opening overlap mechanism to the VTEC system. Named VTC for Variable Timing Control, the current (initial) implementation is on the intake camshaft and allows the valve opening overlap between the intake and exhaust valves to be continously varied during engine operation. This allows for a further refinement to the power delivery characteristics of VTEC, permitting fine-tuning of the mid-band power delivery of the engine."

I think the article must be kind of old because they seem to say that the only car with i-VTEC was some car other than the TSX (JDM Honda Stream van). I guess it was true at that time.

And here's a link to an Acura website where they talk about it:

Ah, what the hey, I'll paste that too:

".....The 4-cylinder engine employs i-VTEC,™ a more sophisticated version of the legendary Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) system that extracts ample low-rpm torque and high-rpm power from the same engine. By precisely managing valve behavior, i-VTEC helps the engine put out 200 horsepower and reach its peak torque of 166 lb.-ft. at just 4500 rpm. Acceleration is hearty across a wide rpm band. At the same time, i-VTEC helps improve fuel efficiency and reduce exhaust emissions. A balance shaft system helps to cancel engine vibration, and precise drive-by-wire throttle control results in a more direct pedal feel. Electronic direct ignition helps extend the scheduled tune-up interval to 110,000 miles."

(That other link really tells us more.)
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