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So my wife and I are looking for two new cars...

The plan was to get hers first so we spent all weekend searching with no luck. New accords were to big, new civics were too small, 3 series were to expensive so we left all the dealerships with nothing.

We were driving home and I said, "hey I want to test drive a TSX. I think I want to by my car when its time to buy mine." I am a huge fan of the old body style so i tried the 2006 first and loved it but it was a stick and she wanted a car she could drive to. So next we tried the automatic next to it. 2010 model but still a darn good looking car with a very pretty backside.

When we got in it we loved it. Perfect size, drives great. And now its mine!

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Alloy wheel Sedan

Soo, still need to worry about the wife's next car. She loves the TSX but doesn't want two of them. What would you compare it to?

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