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Hi Everyone,

My name is Henry. You might recognize my username from Honda-tech, NWP4life, and/or Calguns. I joined this forum after searching for information on TSX's and TL's. There was so much useful information on here that I decided to join up. I also joined *********...but its a little slow over there...

Cliff Notes:
Sister needed a car --> Parted out my Civic to give her a car --> Searched for the perfect TSX --> Was let down on a few occasions --> Found a deal that seemed too good to be true --> Deal was as true as can be --> Finalized the transfer!!

I'm proud to say that I have finally found a TSX and am now the proud new owner :)

A little background:

I had been looking for one for a few weeks now. I currently drive a 2000 Honda Civic sedan and had modded it as well. Upon being notified that my sister will be needing a car for school, I removed all my parts from the Civic and put it back to stock for her. From then on, I have been on the lookout for a TSX.

My previous criteria for a TSX:
-Any year between 2004-2008 (06-08 Preferred)
-Auto/Manual didn't matter; Whichever came first
-Had to have under 90k Miles
-Must have black interior
-Navi Preferred
-Clean Title
-Pricing under $15k

Weeks went by and I couldnt find one within a reasonable distance. I found one on Honda-tech which was a 2006 Pearl White TSX w/ Navi for $11,800 and had 82k miles, but the seller was on the East coast. My buddies told me that shipping the car wouldnt be too much more, but I was a day too late to contact the seller and it was sold. I was heartbroken, but I kept looking.

Almost giving up, my dad comes into my room on Friday evening and tells me about an ad for a TSX in his Chinese newspaper. The price was almost too good to be true. Asking price was $11,500 with 44k miles. I was a little skeptical, but I called the seller anyway. I was able to meet the seller in the next hour to see the car and make the offer.

Upon seeing the car, I was SOLD!! The car was in almost IMMACULATE condition. They didnt have kids so the backseat was mint. She was the first owner of the vehicle and she let me inspect every bit of the car. Has a few scratches above the driver side exhaust tip, but it was very minor. I checked all the panels on the car and it was indeed all original. She even had the original window sticker from the day she purchased the car. Downside was that it didn't have a navigation system, but that wasn't too big of a deal for me. Engine bay was super clean. All VINs were intact.

Her reason for selling the car was that they were moving back to China permanently and needed to get rid of the car. That day was the first day she has run the ad and I was the first one to contact her. She was very firm on $11,500. But with a little negotiating, I was able to get it down to $11,100 cash. The deal was just too good to pass up!!

To be honest, I would've taken the car regardless at $11,500. I ran the VIN and it checked out. The next day she met with my dad to get the car SMOG'd and I knew it was going to pass without any problem. Left her a 500 dollar deposit as she requested. I met up with her today to finalize the transfer at AAA.

Here are some pics of my Civic:

The only pics I have of my car at the moment:


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ive heard 04 have problems with transmission

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good pickup, enjoy!
Thank you! :) I've only had it for a day and I love it
Welcome! Nice mileage for an 04 :tu:

nice deal.

Thanks, it's auto.
ive heard 04 have problems with transmission
I hope I don't run into a problem like that :(

I do need to have the dealer check something out though. The supplemental restraint indicator light came on last night and the seat belt sensors aren't picking up the seat belts when Unbuckled. Hopefully it's a safety issue and the dealer will take care of it... can't really afford to do much of anything to her right now.

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thanks!!! :)

some stuff I just got/installed:

Buddy Club Type B Shift Knob, Spoon Reservoir Covers, Spoon Radiator Cap (Need to trade for a Type D - the Type F doesn't fit), LEDs for Rear dome, Front doors, trunk, and soon for the sun visors and map lights.

1 week from now, I will be purchasing a set of OEM window visors, but not sure if I want to spend the extra and spring for the Mugen ventilated ones...
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