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Just got my TSX

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I just got my TSX, Black interior blue exterior. I am very happy with the car, i have no negative comments about it, its a well build car. My buying experience was pleasant i paid $25600 for non-navi model.
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netoperek said:
Acura Of Brooklyn
2729 Nostrand Ave
Phone: (718) 692-1700
This is the dealers adress, you can ask for a lady named Ewa, i dealt with her, it was an excellent experience from the price barganing to the delivery of the car, excellent transaction. I paid 25600 for the car before tax, and about 2200 in taxes and fees, no hidden fees, no bull$hit. After a week of owning the car i got a follow up call from them. My name is Robert and if you mention my name to Ewa she'll give you a good deal. Let me know how it goes.
WOW, that address brings back memories...
Isn't that near Brooklyn College? :eek:
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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