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K series performance.....

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RSX type S vs. TSX...
2.0, 11:1cr, 200hp & 142lbs/ft (k20)
2.4, 10.5:1cr, 200hp & 166lbs/ft (k24)

I don`t know much about Honda`s new engines but I`m going to go with the K24... It`s 2.4L vs 2.0L, it`s only 10.5:1cr so theres alot of room to bump that up (I`d say up to 11.3:1), and all you need is a stronger valve-train? (once again not really well informed on the k series), a higher rev limit, ecu tuning and I think you have a monster na motor... Hey I could be wrong though, which do you think has the better NA potential?
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its great far as tq, you that extra push especially for a heaver car comparison. then with minor mods i.e. CAI, and exhaust... will add a lil more umph to it
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