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People, here is a step by step guide to the installation of the aforementioned dual ecu loom

Pic heavy!

I will update this thread as i go along with it, Currently i only have about and hour of free time a day after work to do this, So bare with me!

Disclaimer: The following is provided as a GUIDE ONLY, we will not take any responsibility for the outcomes of someone else doing the following. You follow these steps at your own risk!

Tools you will need

10mm socket + spanner
12mm socket + spanner
Phillips head screwdriver, long and a stumpy
Flush cutters + tie-wraps
A Brain

Step 1: Gaining access and safety
Time: Allow 30 mins

Disconnect your battery first

Remove the two lower kick panels to get at the OEM ecu

Glovebox removal

Remove the Glove box to route the loom into place by the 2, 10mm bolts on the underside of the glove box, there is a stop on the side of the glovebox that you will need to undo, it just pops off.

Glovebox out, pollen filter out (might as-well throw a new one in while im there)

Instrument Cluster Removal

Remove the driver's side lower panel before doing the instrument panel, remove 2 Phillips head screw's on the bottom of the panel and carefully pull it forward to release the 2 clips holding it on.
Disconnect the wiring for the VSA and Sunroof control.

Remove the 2 screw's on the top of the instrument panel surround, look in from underneath and you will see 2 clips for it as-well.
Pull it forward and disconnect the wiring for the Cabin temp sensor.

There is a white plastic hose attached there also, Remove it at the end under the dash.
See the photo for location, look for the small round hole with a filter inside it.

Surround comes out with hose attached

To get the gauge panel out there is 3 screws, 2 on the bottom and one on the top. Remove them.
You may have to drop your steering wheel position to manoeuvre the cluster out.
Disconnect the single plug on the panel.


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Step 2

Allow 45 mins


With the K-Tuned loom, there are 6 wires which need to be extended.
x2 for new CEL
x2 for VTC actuator
x2 for ETC sensor

Do this before fitting the loom to your car. I ran 15ft for each wire of Aircraft PFTE for this then covered them in pairs in 1/4" sheath.

Remove the passenger side kick-panel, you will find an OEM location for the K-Pro'd ecu -WIN!!!

Route the loom like shown in the next picture's, it fits perfectly and really easily.

view from the OEM ecu showing K-Tuned loom route

and up around the front of the air-con fan

then down to the kick-panel to the K-Pro ecu.

extended wiring (x3 pairs) needing to be routed to there respective locations.

Tie it up with a few cable ties

Awaiting ECU here

All plugged in at the OEM ecu end and tied up


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Step 3

Allow 20 mins

Gauge cluster mod

Here you have to cover the original VSA and CEL with the vinyl tabs as-well as mount the new LED CEL

Clean area necessary and don't move the needles!

Cluster out

Front panel off (a few press clips)

Close up of the ones to cover


Back case off investigating where to put the new CEL

Decided not to wedge a pair of wires behind the PCB so i chose a nice easy little spot near the 0-rpm area of the tacho

Hole drilled

Cover's cleaned, put back on and tested


More work to follow this afternoon when im off work.

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Nice work!

I really want that Steering Wheel Airbag cover!
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