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Ok I own a 2006 TSX 6sp.
The motor i just recently found out was being eaten alive. I'll show pics later on. and i'll explain later as well.

I just recently purchased a motor from a shop and I checked the head and everything looked good. However, i didn't get to look at the pistons or anything.
The shop also told me it was imported from Japan.

Now on to the Questions:

1. How do I tell if I bought a 04-05 or 06-08 k24a2 motor? What indicators are there. There is no VIN because it was imported from Japan. so how do i check???

2. Being that i still have my old head, and i know the head is still in excellent condition i can just swap heads without a problem right, or should i get it machined before slapping it together?....

heres some more info I found later on that and posted on, but i need clarification...

So I just read something that said something like:

Note: The 2006-2008 K24A2 in the U.S. market Acura TSX has the following improvements[2]
Power: 205 hp @ 7000 rpm
Torque: 164 lbft @ 4500 rpm
Increased intake flow:
Intake valve + 1 mm oversize
Intake cam High lift lobe with 0.9 mm more lift and 12 degrees more duration
Throttle body increased from 60-64mm
Radius on some intake pipes increased from 70-80mm
Increased exhaust flow
Exhaust Head pipe increased frm 60-65mm
Higher flow catalytic converter
Main (single) exhaust pipe increased from 54-57mm
Rear (twin) pipes increased in diameter from 42.5 to 45mm

Block improvements:

- Additional air passages in crankcase for reduced pumping losses
- Other
- Stronger conrods
- New crankshaft with more counterbalance weight
- Revised pistons with more valve-piston clearance

Now I know i might seem slow when i ask this question, but did i just basically buy a 2004-2005 Block with a 2006-2008 head on it because i brought it from Japan??? and, if i'm reading this correctly, Japan didn't make the same changes to the Block as we in the U.S did??? If so, this to me would be a JDM Fail USDM for the WIN! Oh LORD, seems like I would have been better off buying a CRV block or full motor and swapping heads... All input would be nice in this mater. I have 6 months to say I want to keep the motor or return it and get my money back. LMK what you guys think

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i didn't know that the k24a2 was released in japan. i thought that was strictly US/Canada?
Yeah it was, used in:

2004-2008 Acura TSX, JDM CL9 Accord Type-S, RB1 Odyssey Absolute

Apparently in the JDM type s it could rev to 7600 rpm stock, nothing a little reflash couldn't fix for us.
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