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I own a 2009 TSX and modifying this thing has become a passion of mine. I’ve changed out the intake to an Injen CAI, upgraded the throttlebody from the stock 68mm to Grams Performance 72mm, changed out the exhaust down pipe to RV6 to a GReddy system with a high flow cat, installed a wideband o2, and tuned through Hondata. Reinforced chassis and upgraded suspension with K-Sport street suspension, Tru-Hart uppers in the front and all three control arms (per side) in the rear.

The car is fun as is, but need more.. I’ve been looking into a Frankenswap with the K24z3’s long stroke and the K24a2 cylinder head with its larger intake valve and added VTEC on the exhaust side to completely open her up.

I’m currently in the beginning stages hunting down a block and head for the project and will be updating this page as progress is made for those that are interested.
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