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Keeping it simple

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Guess i'll dump some photos in here and whore her out. Most of the photos are from the past month either from my Cousin, friend or Me. Hope yall likey! :fro:

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clean! whats your wheels specs
Thanks! at the moment 18x9 +17
Those wheels are deadly! Love it, clean!
Love the wheels and fitment:thumbsup:
Looking Great!
Wow, that wheel fitment is on point. So fresh. :tu:
I saw your photo on FB . it`s realy realy niceeeeee!!!!!!! good job!!!
:drool1: love it!! I think I saw your car on stancenation
Beautiful setup. Perfect execution!
Very clean and simple!!
wow, that wheel fitment is on point. So fresh. :tu:
on point. sometimes simpLe is better.!

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Hella clean and nice specs. What rims are they?
Thanks! at the moment 18x9 +17

+17? is that with a spacer? kuz i can only find these wheels with a +35 offset for our cars...

btw, car looks great
CLEAN :tu2: it looks like you gave it a good pull in the front. are the fronts natural camber? running 215/35?
Sigh...I'm jelly of the 06-08 grille and hood setup...
1 - 20 of 31 Posts
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