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Kenstyle kit?

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What are your thoughts about the kenstyle kit? I have been thinking of purchasing it lately but is there any pros or cons to getting this kit? If anyone has any insight to this kit please let me know.

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Are you talking about a real kentstyle kit or a kentstyle style replica? Because if you are concerned about the real thing, then you must not really know who they are or how good of a manufacturer that they are. Their products are so good that, and this is the real deal that I am talking about, that auto manufacturers use them to produce kits for them that they sell as OEM (Mazda).
It is a very nice looking kit and is very clean on TSX. I'm sure that your car will look great with it on. If you don't have one lined up already, I do know of only one shop that has the full kit in stock, it happens to be about 10min from me.

Just to piggyback on what Mr. modulo said about the kit, it is fiberglass, but the good thing is that if a certain part does get damaged, you can always get those pieces separate without having to buy the full kit again.
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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