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Kenstyle kit?

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What are your thoughts about the kenstyle kit? I have been thinking of purchasing it lately but is there any pros or cons to getting this kit? If anyone has any insight to this kit please let me know.

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No, I'm not. Just trying to get information about the kit so I don't make a bad choice.
I think it will too since my car already has accuair. Just curious about the durability of the kit. I don't really see anyone with it on.
Are you talking about a real kentstyle kit or a kentstyle style replica? Because if you are concerned about the real thing, then you must not really know who they are or how good of a manufacturer that they are. Their products are so good that, and this is the real deal that I am talking about, that auto manufacturers use them to produce kits for them that they sell as OEM (Mazda).
I don't know about them. I never hear or see anyone with that kit that's why I was inquiring about it. I'm glad you said something about it. Now I know for sure that when I buy this kit next month it will be money well spent. Thank you EG6-DC2!
I appreciate your input EG6-DC2 and Mr. Modulo. Like I said before I am planning to purchase this kit next month after hearing your thoughts but won't put it on my car until I re-spray it in December. That will be the only time I can be car-less due to school.

EG6-DC2 can you PM me with the location of that shop if you don't mind? The only place I know where to get the kit from is heel toe auto in temecula, CA. Hopefully it might be a little cheaper???
1 - 5 of 10 Posts
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