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Whaddup Club,

The names Kevin, live in Olympia, Washington (state). Im active duty Army and married to a beautiful wife that wants a 2nd Gen TSX. She'll get one in 2 years when shes out of dental school. Alright on to the car!!!

Aspec Front Lip
Aspec Rear Lip
Honda Type S Grille
JDM Clear Headlights
Paint Matched Grille Trim
Rear Red H badge
"Accord" and "Euro-R" badge
Trunk Lip Spoiler
HIC Rear Window Visor
Paint Matched Door Handles
20% Front Window Tint
15% Rear Window Tint
Rally Armor Mudflaps

05 Accord "H" Airbag
Carbon Fiber wrapped Trim
All Weather Accord floor mats
Red LED lights under Dash

Red Valve Cover
AfterMarket Spark Plug Cover
Filled and Painted Black IM Cover
Mugen Oil Cap
HPS Short Ram Intake
Optima Redtop Battery
S-RS Catback Exhaust
Cusco Front Strut Bar

Drag DR-44 "Custom Red Paint"
17x7.5 +45
Toyo Proxes 225/45/17
Form & Function Type 1 Coilovers

Brought home my 2005 Acura TSX with 98k miles on her in October 2012

First few mods consisted of:
Euro R Rebadge
Blacked Out Chrome
Spray Painted Black Wheels

Added Ebay Fogs

And then tragedy struck... yes, my baby got totalled!

But fear not! An insurance company will never stop me from having what i want, and I just so luckily happen to have a father who owns an auto body shop haha. So of course i bought the car back and we fixed it within 2 months and added some things ontop of that since it was already in the shop.

Fixed the car completely and added Tein S Tech springs, SRS catback & a few other goodies and plasti dip then painted the roof black.

Then came some drag DR-44's that i had my dad paint the faces red while keeping the chrome lip.

Added the HIC rear window visor and shortly after was the Aspec front and rear lip!

Just an extra picture i liked!

Started Slowing down on the exterior mods and decided to play under the hood

And today (8/23) I installed the STI V lip, TB coolant bypass and decided to wash, clay bar and wax the whip!!

And thats where she sits as of today, Stay tuned for more to come in the future! Thanks for looking and im open to any questions or comments.

, Regional Meet Leader, Seattle,WA
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Oh nice. Hadn't seen your car since you added the front and rear lip. Coming along nice and quick. See you at the next meet.

By the way. Front looks really clean with the chrome H and painted trim.

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damn you so lucky :) having paint gun and air compressor =clean painting wohoo , i like the intake cover and the valve cover

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Thanks RT, when is the next big meet? Looks like i missed the one on the 17th cause i was on a mission.

@978, yeah it definitely comes in handy having a dad with a bodyshop, im pretty sure i use the car lift more than he does haha

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Finally found a steal on a set of F&F type 1's, now about 2 inches low. And living in the northwest is the worst because of our awesome ran that happens for 8 months haha so just for the winter time i ended up installing some Rally Armor mudflaps to stay cleaner and save the sides of my car.

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